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Breath Of Power

Breath of Power is a highly inspirational weekly devotional written by Evangelist Oguazi Onyemobi to inspire and equip Godís people to live as spiritual champions. It is filled with meditations from the word of God that open the eyes of the mortal man to know his God, turn the sinful to the part of righteousness and produce faith in the heart of the believer.

Every child of God is automatically enlisted in the heavenly army and is drawn into constant conflict with the kingdom of darkness. To come through as champions we need the wisdom and power that come from the word of God. Breath of Power equips you with these, and we invite you to tap from its treasures every week.

There are two ways to enjoy these short and easy to read devotionals.

You can read them online by clicking here.

To start receiving these devotionals via email, click here.

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