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Jesus Power Outreach Ministries is a teaching and evangelistic ministry involved in the publication of literature to help Christians in their spiritual growth.

Below, you will find some resources that will help you develop spiritually.

The Fully Armored Intercessor
This is a 133-paged book on prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare written by Evangelist Oguazi Onyemobi and published by the Ministry. It draws from the intercessory experience of some great men and women of biblical times, and of contemporary Christian history to challenge the present day believer to awake to fervent prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare. It portrays the ministry of prayer and intercession as the call of a spiritual warrior who should be fully equipped like a Roman soldier ready for combat. It also deals with the various equipment and strategies a prayer warrior needs to be invincible. [To order a copy click here]

Breath of Power
This is a very inspirational weekly devotional sent via the email to subscribers. Many people from different parts of the world have testified of the immense blessings they have received through it. Breath of Power can be read online or received weeklly in your email box.

Voice of Power - Magazine
This is a biannual magazine that deals with a wide spectrum of Christian issues. It also gives information about the activities of the Ministry and news about what is happening in Christendom worldwide.

Voice of Power - Newsletter
This is a quarterly publication of the Ministry sent freely to all our partners and friends to inform them of the activities and happenings in the Ministry.
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You Can Have a Relationship with God
To many people, God seems to be a tyrant or judge who is far away, and who watches carefully to see us make mistakes so that He would condemn and punish us. But that is not the truth about God. He is so loving and kind. He created everything that exists. He made man and woman in His own image with the intent to personally relate with them and give them a glorious life.

That same God loves you and desires to have a personal relationship with you. He sent His Son Jesus Christ for that very purpose, so if you open your heart to Him, He will come in, change your life for good and give you that glorious life that comes with a personal intimate relationship with Him.

Follow the underlisted links to learn more about this relationship with God.

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