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The Fully Armored Intercessor
by Evangelist Oguazi Onyemobi

If any ministry needs to be emphasized at this time, it is that of an intercessor. The Fully Armored Intercessor is designed to inspire people to arise as spiritual warriors and pray.

The book draws from the experiences of some great people of old to inspire present day Christians. It deals with the equipment that every intercessor needs to be effective and it also reveals strategies for successful intercession and warfare.

"This is a gem in the hands of the believers"
- Late Justice Adefarasin, Former Chief Judge of Lagos State

"This is a prophetic call in which one hears the call of a man of God"
-Professor Adeboye Babalola, Professor Emeritus, University of Lagos

"Oguazi has expounded on some of the most vital armour of an effective intercessor"
-Rev. (Dr.) F. Wale Oke, President, Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Ibadan

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